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Low Buy Year: Month One

Updated: May 10, 2022

This marks my first post to this blog and I am so happy you stopped by! Let's get started.


I have completed no-buy months in the past, and attempted a now-buy year but I didn't have a great system in place to keep my self accountable and I feel that putting my plan into blog form will put out into the universe my intentions and maybe some people will stumble across this and we can motivate each other! Below I will list my reasons for doing a no-buy, the rules I will create for myself, and some exceptions to those rules.

Step 1: Why a No-Buy

  • I recently moved from British Columbia across the country to Newfoundland. We spent about a month living out of our suitcases while we waited for our belongings to ship to our new home and it was a good reminder for me that I can do without most of my belongings, let alone feel the need for more things.

  • Leading up to the move, I limited my purchases mainly because I didn't have a job secured here yet and wanted to save as much money as I could for the time that I may be without work. This helped me get into the mindset of saying "no" to buying non-essential items.

  • I also want to stop the influx of clothing into my life so that I can really get a sense of my wardrobe and fine-tune it. Especially now that I have moved to a different climate.

  • I love homes that aren't full of clutter. Nothing stresses me out more than drawers that are too full to easily close, and cupboards that are overflowing.

  • I also want to channel my Grandmother who was such a great role model when it came to living with less. She had what she needed and no more, and she seemed to be the most at-peace of all of us in the family.

  • We want to invest in real estate in the near future, so purchasing items that we don't need doesn't help us meet that goal.

  • We were lucky to have this moved paid for which included the physical packing and moving of our items, if this had not been the case I would have purged many items. We plan to stay in this home for a couple of years and rent it out and purchase a home that will be longer term. I know that I don't want to have more stuff to move in the future; I'd prefer to have less stuff than we have now.

Step 2: The Rules

  • No nonessential clothing.

  • No cosmetics, perfume, or essential oils until we use up what we have - I used to work at Saje so I have alot.

  • No books - I have many that are unread.

  • No vitamins until we use what we have; exceptions include daily vitamins I always want to have on hand, including Vitamin C, D, multivitamins, and probiotics, I may be missing a few but you get the point.

  • No tea until we use up what we have.

  • No water bottles or thermoses.

  • Replacements allowed as needed, examples include towels, bedsheets etc.

  • As the year progresses I will evaluate items that don't get enough use or that we can simply go without and either donate or sell them. I mean, do we really need 3 blenders?

Step 3: Exceptions/ Allowed Purchases

  • Being first time home-owners we anticipate needing to purchase some things for our home. For example, we had to purchase random items like garbage cans, a mop and area rugs, so if we come across the need for basics like these they are allowed.

  • We also want to make a coffee corner as the kitchen is rather small. We are really good about not buying coffee out so this is worth it to us.

  • Exercise equipment - we had talked about buying workout equipment for a long time leading up to the move since this house has a full basement and it would truly be a worthwhile purchase for us.

  • I sold my pair of beloved Blundstones before we moved as they had gotten too big on me, and I am still toying with the idea of replacing them with another pair of slip-on boots. They were just so easy to throw on and I wore them 98% of the time. But for now I am trying to see how long I can go without a new pair, this also allows me to get more use out of my other footwear.

  • We plan to explore our new province so travelling will be allowed so long as it aligns with our budget.

  • We enjoy live music so the occasional evening out to a local brewery is allowed. Budget wise, we are lucky that there aren't many vegan friendly restaurants in our city, as this was an area we spent alot of money on when we lived in Vancouver.

  • We also planned to get a puppy when we moved to this house, so that will likely be an eventual expense.

  • Another item on our purchase list was a wake-up light alarm. I am not sure of their proper term but with darker winters approaching I think this will be a great investment.

*** Disclaimer: the physical items I mentioned that we have decided to purchase will not be bought right away, we are planning to go without them as long as possible so know that we truly do want them.

Step 4: Being Accountable

  • I will use this platform to update my progress at the end of each month. This will include purchases made, anything I have decluttered and the overall experience.

  • It is almost the end of November and I have not purchased anything unnecessary, and have donated many miscellaneous items. Next month will be a clearer recap.

This sums up all I have to say for now, this may seem a bit long-winded but I hope this has given some of you some inspiration. I personally enjoy reading blogs like this as I always find inspiration from them. Until next time!

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