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Low Buy Year - January Update

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Hello dear readers! Happy new year! I wanted to share an update for December and January for my No Buy Challenge. Here it is:

Items purchased:

1. Bowflex C6 Bike - Purchased in December, here's the link -

This was a preplanned purchase and I had anticipated buying it for some time as I have written in my initial post, and since it's arrival I have used it almost every day (minus the week that we were not home over Christmas). Especially given the current situation, I absolutely LOVE being able to just walk down to the basement and get a good sweat on. 10/10 purchase for me, and no regrets.

2. Proactiv+ Skincare - ~ 72.00 CAD Link here:

My skin had become so bad over the last month that I felt sort of desperate and purchased this set. It's a bit harsh on my skin so I don't use it too often, but it's felt semi-worthwhile to have purchased it. I'd rate this purchase a 5/10 due to the price and the actual amount of product (not a lot).

3. BB Sea Spray - 34.00 Link here:

I'd rate this a 4/10, it's a bit drying, and pricy, but works pretty well.

4. Blume Meltdown Acne Oil - 34.00 Link here:

5. Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick - 37.00 Link here:

6. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - 26.00 - Link here:

Not a necessity, however living in a much colder climate, my lips love me for buying this, and I have used it every night since I bought it.

6. Mason Jar for Kombucha - 12.49 - Link here:

* I purchased this because I started making my own kombucha again, way cheaper than buying from the store, and the flavour is customizable!

7. Salad Spinner - 24.00 - Link here:

* I felt that this was a justified necessity, towels to dry lettuce was becoming far too time consuming

8. Paderno Dutch Oven 100.00(ish),

* This was not entirely a necessity, however it will be used, but the sale plus using my points made me feel good with this purchase

** numbers 6,7, and 8 I redeemed points for those purchases and paid ~30.00 for the total

9. Mushroom Poster (24$) - Purchased at an eco friendly store in St. John's, Newfoundland

This was an impulse purchase, I won't make any excuses for it :( I will say though, it makes our little coffee corner look cute now and it matches a succulent one I already owned as well.

Items Decluttered:

1 Blender: Now we only have 2! Both of which get used equally; a larger ninja blender and a small bullet sized one.

2 Mugs

1 Book

5 T-Shirts

1 Scrunchie

Plus miscellaneous things that went into the garbage that I didn't track, but I do pay attention to how less cluttered my drawers and cupboards become.

Not pictured: 1 more mug that sadly broke.

Total Items Decluttered: 11

Total Items Purchased: 9

Total Money Spent: 1,557.00

I know that skincare can be considered a necessity, but because I do have plenty of it already, I want to add it into my tracking here to see how much I really need, use, and spend on it. Thankfully for Christmas I received lots of my daily basics like body wash, lotion, deodorant etc., so that will get me through alot of the upcoming year.

Laying this all out for myself is quite motivating for me to be honest, and I aim to continue slowly curating and decluttering my wardrobe so that everything fits easily in my drawers and closet (this means every single item after being washed and put back, not half of it in the laundry making me feel like my drawers aren't over stuffed haha).

Anyway, that's it. A big purchase was made, which doesn't really make this seem like a No Buy, but it was not an impulse purchase, and was planned which I think is a step in the right direction. Also I wanted to mention, as this is progress for me, several times I've found myself on a website with clothing in the shopping cart and just left it and closed the tab on my computer and didn't end up purchasing. I reminded myself that generally online shopping hasn't worked out for me, and being in a more remote area, returning items isn't as easy to do, so this feels like a big win for me.

Thanks for reading, and see you next month!

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