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April Low Buy Check In


Happy spring!

This month I am proud to say that I made zero purchases that were not in line with my goals and got rid of 50 items instead!

I must say it feels pretty darn good! The majority of the items I decluttered were clothing, I was on a bit of a spring cleaning kick and laid out all of my clothes to properly see what I owned ,tried on every single thing, and actually got rid of the items that I did not love.

Keep scrolling if you wish to see some satisfying before and after photos of my decluttering.

So this month's tallies are as follows:

Nonessentials purchased: 0 *audience screams and applauds*

Items decluttered: 50 *audience screams and applauds even louder*

Items used up: 2 (body wash, and deodorant)

My wardrobe laid out before decluttering.

My wardrobe after decluttering.

My overflowing basket of work clothes.

After decluttering (left) and items donated (right).

So much less stuff! Also I want to add, I also got rid of another pair of lululemon pants after the fact, which are still in the bottom after photo.

I've noticed that as I progress in my minimalism journey, and have more money saved (as a result of not spending) I have a much easier time decluttering compared to before. Just an interesting observation :)

Planning ahead:

As we enter the warmer months I anticipate needing a few items like shorts, a fitted white t shirt (to replace one that was worn out), and maybe a bathing suit. I will however go through all of my summer clothing and try everything on to accurately get an idea of what I need. I don't plan to buy anything more than what I need to get through this summer. I still want to see my wardrobe dwindle to only a few items that I love and that is my main motivation right now. The thought of packing to go away for a weekend or a week and having a few great items to quickly grab that I know I love is my goal. Packing has always been a hassle for me because I have too many options for clothing and this challenge is slowly allowing me to conquer this problem.

Anyways, that's all for this month's update. Thanks for reading!

Until next month.

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